Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Happy Weeds

It has been a good year for the weeds with temperatures in the low 20's and quite a bit of rain.  Everything is very lush.

 Pink Joe-pye-weed is just starting to bloom. It grows best in a damp location.

 Usually the township mows the side of the road but this year they left this quiet road alone.  The blue chicory is very pretty.

 Two vines twining up a dead tree.  The Virginia creeper is already starting to turn red.

 White Queen Anne's Lace is a kind of wild carrot.

 A sunflower planted by a bird or a chipmunk.

 Purple blazing star gives a rosy hue to this natural field that is slowly becoming a cedar forest.

Poisonous bittersweet nightshade has very bright red berries.

Bright yellow sow thistle, purple blazing star, blue chicory and greeny-yellow wild parsnip make an attractive roadside border.


  1. That's the third post about beautiful weeds that I've seen today! And, like the others, you make an eloquent argument for leaving them alone and just enjoying them.

  2. I've noticed that the weeds are very happy this year too. Very pretty.

  3. These weeds certainly do look happy. What wonderful color nature can bring you with the touch of mans hand. I am still not blogging yet again. But hope to be back soon.