Sunday, July 20, 2014

Puzzle for the Day

 A peaceful pond with a waterfall in the distance.

A little cabin in the woods.

And finally a wild boar looking a little shabby.
Where are all these things?  How about a guess in the comments?


  1. Ok Jenny, I'll play! The pond looks man-made and the cabin looks almost too 'neat' to be in the woods and I'm not sure if the boar is actually real. So, my guess is a botanic garden or some sort of park. I don't know much about your part of the world to be more specific.

    1. You're absolutely right! All the photos were taken at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, a few minutes drive from downtown. And the boar is not real , although from a distance he is surprisingly convincing. More pics of the gardens to come.

    2. They've done a fabulous job with it all! It must be a great place to visit.

  2. How cool! I would have guessed somewhere in the S.E. USA but now I know it was the Montreal Botanic Gardens. :))