Thursday, July 24, 2014

Function and Design

 The gardeners had fun with the vegetable garden at the Botanical Gardens.  I really like this brilliant planting of lettuce.

 An extensive border of herbs ran along one side of the vegetable area.  To give it continuity while displaying a wide variety of herbs, a zig-zag of greyish cotton lavender ran through it all.

 A handsome big bed of cabbages. 
 In with the cabbages, some bright green herb of some kind.  What a great colour combination.
At this point, the batteries on my camera were low and I hadn't brought spares so I had to be very stingy with the photos.  I didn't take any pictures of a  tomato and sweet pepper garden that had been thoughtfully laid out.  Right now it was just green, but when the tomatoes and peppers ripen it will be a really colourful, multi-level planting. Lots of other vegetables and fruit were planted in attractive ways.

In the middle of the gardens is a natural oasis with a waterfall and pond. Although you are a short distance from busy Sherbrooke St., you can't hear any traffic or other city sounds.  Just birds and insects and flowing water.  It's wonderful.  In the distance, you see the arboretum at the north end of the gardens.  You could seriously imagine that you were miles from the city.
Next time, the experimental area of the gardens and a garden that just stopped me in my tracks.

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