Saturday, May 24, 2014

View From the Room

We were back in London last week, and this was the view from our hotel window.
We actually had 3 small grocery stores on our block as well as a drugstore, which was very convenient . I like the French name of the store:  "Le Super Marche".  All around London are sandwich shops , and the most prevalent shops are part of a chain called "Pret a Manger". The sandwiches are definitely English-style despite the name: Smoked salmon, cheese and tomato,
tuna and sweet corn, etc. The "Pret a Manger" sandwiches are all made fresh every morning and any left-overs at the end of the day are given away to charity.

Restauranteurs will sometimes be outside their restaurants drumming up business.  This Lebanese restaurant was across the street from the hotel , a couple of doors down from the little grocery store.
We ate at an Italian restaurant one evening and they were also "selling their wares".

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