Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Torenia -an alternative to Impatiens

 For the first time in forever, I am not planting impatiens this spring because of the virus that decimated my plants last year and would likely do the same this year.  I was hesitant to buy coleus as I read that they also could be affected.  So I bought a few torenia plants which will grow in shade or part shade like impatiens.  The torenia is  bright and perky, and I'm already enjoying having them.
 Usually you find them in shades of pink and purple. The garden centers don't always have them, but I'm guessing, that with the impatiens virus problem, that they will be more available this year than previous years .

You can start torenia from seed but it needs to be planted 8-10 weeks ahead to be ready to bloom  at planting time.  A fun little flower that's perfect for pots and hanging baskets.

I have been enjoying listening to the veery thrush that is frequenting our bush.  It is a nondescript bird about the size of a robin, with a medium brown back and some flecking on its white breast, but it has a very unique song, sort of a bittersweet melody.  The Cornell University has an excellent ornithology site that includes bird songs so if you have never heard a veery thrush, you could hear it there @www.allaboutbirds.org

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  1. If only there was an easily-obtainable alternative to impatience!