Thursday, May 15, 2014

Millions of Trilliums

 Well, maybe not millions of trilliums, but we certainly have lots growing in our bush.  It's such pleasure to see them blooming in May.

 They pop up all through the gardens which is just fine by me.

I think they look great next to the variegated hostas.

 No wonder they are the provincial flower of Ontario.

 I wasn't sure if Virginia bluebells were native to Ontario, but a brief search on-line leads me to believe that in certain areas they are native, although rare.  I have a couple of plants that I bought several years ago that are quite happy in our zone 4, and they are slowly spreading. Like most spring bloomers, they like spring sun and summer shade with loamy soil.

This is a patch of wild garlic.  When we first bought our property about 35 years ago, the wild garlic had been pretty well picked out as it is considered a spring treat.  We have left the garlic to grow, and now have at least four patches that are about 5' in diameter.  The plants taste like a cross between garlic and onion.  In Quebec, the pickers have been so ruthless that the wild garlic is now a protected species in that province.

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