Thursday, May 29, 2014

Natural History Museum -London

 I was really pleased that we were able to visit the Natural History Museum with hardly any time spent waiting in line at the entrance.   The building is fabulous. A perfect tribute to  the eccentric Victorians who travelled the world in search of undiscovered plants, animals and artifacts. It has a very Egyptian tone to it which must have been very exotic in its time.  This is the main entrance.
 I found the beige stone highlighted with a blue-grey stone to be quite stunning, and all the details just keep you looking and looking.

Beautiful windows.

 A tiger (?) flanked by some iguanas.  So cool.  And did someone plant those green things or did they just pop up?  They fit in perfectly.

 Isn't this an amazing design?  Click for full size pic.

 What would a museum of nature be without a dinosaur?  This one had a very, very long tail that was only about the width of a pencil the last few feet of it. The vertebrae had an unusual forward tilt to them.  The inside of the building was just as wonderful as the outside with skylights and arches leading to the various exhibit rooms.

No wonder people make movies here.
As for the exhibits themselves, I was disappointed. Lots of stuffed animals and birds in glass cases with not a lot of information about them or much attempt to create an illusion of natural habitat.  The exhibits at the museum in Ottawa are much more interesting and attractive.  But that's OK, the building was well worth the visit.

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