Sunday, May 25, 2014

Butterflies at the Museum of Natural History

 While we were in London, I visited the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Natural History.  I didn't make note of the names of the butterflies, but I don't think that matters very much as I believe most of them are from warmer climates than the UK so they wouldn't be ones you would see in the wild in Britain.  They are wonderful to look at, name or no name.

 A sign asked visitors not to touch the butterflies, but the butterflies kept landing on people so close encounters happened anyway.  At the exit to the exhibit, a full-length mirror was positioned so that you could check yourself for any butterflies that might be hitching a ride with you.

 Some of the butterflies were getting old and looked a little tattered.

 So many different shapes and colours.

 This handsome one has a striped body to match the stripes on his wing next to his thorax.

 I like the way the pink gradually fades out looking like it was made by a paintbrush .

 More butterflies next time.

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  1. Some very colorful varieties. Different butterflies than we had at our butterfly house here in New York. I particularly love the first two. I saw a Monarch flying at the lake today. It was so nice to be see them back and people helping to keep them alive.