Thursday, February 14, 2013

V is for Violets

 It may be Valentine's Day, but V is also for violets.  Lovely, cheerful African violets that have been a staple houseplants for decades and with good reason.

 The native African violets grow in Tanzania and parts of Kenya where they enjoy the shade of moist forests that are  often foggy with low level clouds.  The natural colours are purples and whites.
They obviously hybridize well as there are so many colour variations available in potted plants.
Although they like to be gently moist, they will rot if over watered. East windows allow them morning sunlight but protect them from the intense southern sun.  They love fluorescent lighting, and a lagging plant will perk right up under growlights.


  1. These are very beautiful Jenny. What to do for shade plants? I heard today the Impatients have been taken over by mildew. I love the African Violets. We may go indoors for this next season. Lovely post. Gin