Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blanket Statements

I just finished knitting this lab blanket.  A great project for the long winter evenings and very cozy to wrap up in while watching TV or reading a book.  It's acrylic and the slightly nubby texture of the yarn makes it warm, but I'm thinking next year I will knit one in wool blend which would be even warmer.  There are lots of wonderful washable wools available. 

As our new Ontario provincial government gets into swing, I'm going to make my pitch for people to get involved,in a small way anyway, in politics. I'd like to encourage you to write to your MPPs, MPs and specific Ministers about any of your concerns and with any of your ideas for improving our lives.  You may think your e-mails will just be tossed in the trash bin, but some of the people in government actually pay attention to what the public says.  Case in point, the federal government has just canned their internet surveillance bill due to public protest. Between elections is an excellent time to put in your two-cents worth because it gives the politicians time to reflect on what you have said, or to further investigate your complaint or suggestion. And don't forget, the opposition parties.  They have critics for all the ministries, and are very anxious to have a new angle on things especially if it would give their party an advantage next election. Be part of the solution - don't just gripe.

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  1. The blanket is beautiful. I can imagine snuggling in it on a cold evening. And I agree with your statement about getting involved. I have written to my local MP about issues and usually get some sort of reply. They are listening!