Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowy Forest

 So here's a bit of a guessing game.  Where is this snowy forest?
 Another picture might help...

 Lots of people and dogs - well-behaved dogs, off-leash well-behaved dogs.
Definitely not our neck of the woods.

 Pretty hard to tell except that it's in the country somewhere, right?
Actually it is in Westmount, an area of Montreal, within a few minutes drive of downtown.  A beautiful natural park where happy dogs cavort and everyone has good manners.  People are very careful to pick up after their dogs.
One friendly dog tried to take my mitt off so we could have a game of chase and   his owner was most apologetic.  The park is probably about 5 acres and is left in its natural state.  You are not allowed to pick anything including sticks, unless you're a dog. 

A view on the side of the road near an entrance to the park.
Next time a few pics of houses in the area and the view of the city from a lookout.

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