Monday, September 10, 2012

Early September Colours

 Before the flashy colours of the hardwoods that show in late September and October,  the landscapes still display many pleasing colours - yellow, greens, purples, reds.

 And nobody planted this beautiful garden.

 After the rain we've had, the fields are vibrant green again.

 A handsome blue barn/garage.

The asters are like early snow in the weedy patches.


  1. Great shots for early September. I love the corn stacks. With the drought I am looking for them everywhere to see how they are growing in both NY and California. We are doing pretty well on the east coast. Mid-west seems to have suffered the most and Texas.

  2. Every season has such an individual beauty, these photos capture early autumn so well.

  3. SUch a pretty time of year. Love the blue barn!