Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hairy Willow Herb

This is the only Hairy Willow Herb ( Epilobium hirsutum)  plant that we have on our property, and , in fact, is the only one that I have seen anywhere in our area. It grows to about 3' tall and only has a few flowers at a time. According to Wikipedia, it usually grows in damp spots.  This one gets shade in the morning but the soil would be a bit on the dry side . It was never watered and survived our dry summer just fine.  The roots would have been shaded by the beebalm growing around it.  Hopefully, it will self-sow and I'll have more of it growing around.  Other names for it are : codlins-and-cream, apple-pie, and cherry-pie.  It isn't a true native to NA but it is in Europe, South Africa and Asia. 

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