Wednesday, June 27, 2012

To The Laurentians

 A couple of  little donkeys watched over by a horse statue.

 A young alpaca who keeps company with the donkeys.  There are other alpacas on this farm but they were in a different field.

 An Anglican church in a hamlet just off the main road about halfway to Morin Heights.  The Anglican church established parishes in many rural parts of Canada.  Many of the parishes were two or three point parishes.  Travelling between the churches in pioneer times must have been very challenging.  

 At the back of the church is a small lake.  Quebec and Ontario have lots and lots of lakes, and  many of them are spring fed so the water is cold and clean.

 The whole Laurentian mountain range is basically bedrock with a thin layer of soil on top.  It's amazing that so many trees can grow on it.

One of my favourite views of the rolling hills that go on and on.
Next time, some shots of Morin Heights .

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