Friday, June 1, 2012

Candelabra Primula

 This is a new addition this year.  It's a candelabra primula.  Unlike the drumstick primula, it has a circle of blooms, then grows more stem and then opens another circle of blooms so it ends up being a series of coloured tiers.  I really like the bright orange colour.  The all  important question, though, is will it come through the winter.  It likes a moist soil so I have it in with the drumstick primula which finished blooming a while ago.

 I picked a bunch of columbine that were knocked over in the rain and made an impromptu bouquet.  I like the colours with the petunias and impatiens behind it.

A photo for the skywatchers.  I liked the contrast between the wispy clouds and  the dense, puffy cumulus clouds.  Click for full photo.
Also check out for some great paintings and sculptures.

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  1. What a beautiful primula! And I love the sky photo. And thanks for the Art Fayre blog plug, too! :)