Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June Wildflowers

The June wildflowers are beginning to bloom at the roadsides making informal gardens both colourful and varied. I suppose clover is not technically a wildflower, but they have naturalized in so many areas that I think of them as gone wild.

 Hawkweed also comes in a bright orangey-red. The wildflowers almost always have some kind of insects on them which just shows how important they are for our insect life.

Daisies- the quintessential summer flower.

 Bladder campion.  It's always fun to pick the little balloons, pinch together the open end and pop them on the back of your hand.

 Buttercups that have the shiniest, brightest blooms of any flower.

 Purple vetch. Hard to capture the real beauty of this viney plant with its purple and blue flowers.

Fleabane with a common bug of which I don't know the name.  I think fleabane is a largely overlooked plant but its soft pale pink petals and bright yellow center makes it very pretty.

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  1. Wildflowers are like a gift from nature because they just appear and we don't have to do any work with them. Your pictures are lovely and bring back happy memories of walking through a field on a sunny June day.