Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hot, dry summer?

 The long range forecast this spring was for a hot, dry summer.  Hm, 6" of rain in one week - no too  dry  - or hot, for that matter.
 When we drove home this evening, we could see that past our house the road was flooded from the heavy rain we had today.  From a distance, it looked like only half the road was covered.

 But when I got up close, the water was flowing right across and was about 2" deep at the shallowest.
 It's not the first time that water has gone right over the road, but it doesn't happen very often.

 The water was just gushing through the culvert.

 And cascading over the side of the road into the ditch.

 Some of the gravel will certainly be washed away making a bumpy road until the grader can come along.
Our house, thankfully, is on a bit of a rise and so the water runs away from it. I'm sure some people in our area are getting water in their basements.  The trees, frogs, ducks, geese are all very, very happy.  We may get sun tomorrow.


  1. the ducks and gees love this weather, you can hear the ducks quacking happily in their "much larger" rivers ponds ect. I don't think I have ever seen a road in our area do that before.

  2. We really needed this rain so I was happy to see all the puddles. Great photos of the water cascading over the road into the ditch.