Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memories of Maine

 Evlyn has been posting about things she likes about June.  For me, June always brings back memories of holidays we took in Maine.  We always went in June before the rates went up.  These photos were taken by our son on one of our last visits.

 We started going when our oldest daughter was 4 . We made many trips down to Kennebunkport, always staying at the same resort where we could rent a housekeeping cottage.  One of the big pluses - on site washing machine!

 When I look at these photos, I can feel the crunchy seaweed on my feet, taste the salt, and feel the sand change from hot up near the sea grass to cool down by the water.  I can feel the icy cold water on my lower legs as I wade through the surf. So many  happy memories.

The kids always loved it.  They could handle the cold water and would bodysurf in on the waves.
They built lots of sandcastles and sculptures, and found lots of treasures on the beach.
This summer, our oldest daughter is going to Maine with her husband, and two little boys. Not to the same town, but not too far away.  I know they'll love it.


  1. I love Maine too. Great post. Brought back wonderful memories.

  2. I have never been to Maine, even though we lived so close when we were in Nova Scotia. I must get down there. I love that north Atlantic coastline!!!