Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Surprise Lettuce

I had a bit of a surprise when I took my recently purchased lettuce out of its plastic packaging.  In the past, I have bought greenhouse lettuce from Quebec that is sold as a bare-root plant.  I like it because it is local, and also because it stays nice and fresh.  This most recent time I thought I was buying a similar product with the only difference being that I got two plants instead of one.  But when I opened it up, it was actually 6 plants. There were two little 1 1/2" pots with soil and each pot had three different kinds of lettuce in it. Who knew you could grow so much lettuce in such a tiny pot. I decided to put the lettuce on the windowsill and give it a good water. The plants drooped quite a bit so I've moved them away from the window and they are slowly perking up.  Next time, I will keep them away from the window at first and put a clear plastic bag loosely over them to preserve moisture.  Then I should have some growing lettuce on my counter. And I'm thinking about how much lettuce can be grown in a small amount of soil if you fertilize the heck out of it. That will be worth experimenting with this summer.

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  1. That is interesting - I wonder what would happen if you put them in soil? I buy fresh herbs like that in the supermarket. I can separate out 20 parsley plants for the price of one parsley plant in the nursery!