Friday, April 7, 2017

Bloomin' Runner

 The runner bean is blooming! I checked back and I posted a photo of it sprouting on March 16th.  This is one fast bean.  No wonder they call it a runner.    I brushed the two open blossoms with a soft paintbrush and maybe that will pollinate them.  I've never pollinated beans by hand before.   
It's a funny looking plant but I think it is going to give me lots of beans . I just can't get over how quickly it has matured. Regular scarlet runners take ages. And I am so surprised that it bloomed on a chilly windowsill. Maybe I'll have beans in April!
The Mind of Watercolour Youtube guy suggested Lesleythebirdnerd on Youtube.  She is from Newfoundland and has great videos of birds in her area. I watched one on bluejays and found out they eat tent caterpillars  as well as lots of other bugs.  She also has an Etsy shop with beautiful prints of birds, animals and landscapes.

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