Friday, March 31, 2017

Local Tomatoes

These tomatoes are organic Canadian greenhouse tomatoes, probably grown in either Quebec or Ontario.  They are more expensive than the ones shipped from Mexico, but I like to support Canadian growers. I think it's really important that we grow as much food as possible in our own country. We have no control over what happens in other countries and how it could affect our food supply.  We need to keep our knowledge of how to grow food because it is not a skill learned overnight.
I'm always happy to hear of schools that are growing some veggies.  It is so easy to give kids the confidence that they can grow a few beans and tomatoes, and perhaps at some point grow a sizable garden. I was blessed to have a mother who gardened. She didn't have a big garden or even a very successful one (she had to deal with very poor soil), but I felt gardening was something anybody could do - and so it is.
And as to the tomatoes in the photo, they not only look great, they taste great, too.

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