Sunday, April 30, 2017

Some April Flowers

 I wondered when I planted these daffodils by the ditch if it would be too wet for them but they are thriving.
 Peachy mini-daffodils.
Beautiful sky blue brunnera.
Dutchman's breeches - a native plant I reintroduced to our property. Related to Bleeding heart.
A pulmonaria that for two years has bloomed pink instead of magenta/purple.
 Glory-of-the-snow with bright yellow primula and iris leaves.
Blue scilla with variegated vinca and lamium.

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  1. Your property is so lovely. We have some vinca minor growing in a wide circle around a bush. Last year a bees' nest took over and had to be sprayed. I hate to see the bees killed, but the men were trying to prune the bush and they swarmed. I love the peachy daffodil. Enjoy Spring now that it is finally here.