Saturday, March 25, 2017

Last Snow?

We got  some fresh snow yesterday.  Will it be the last snowfall of the season?  Maybe, although we usually get some in April.  I always get impatient at this time of year because the days are getting longer, the light stronger and I am itching to get into the garden.  For now I must satisfy myself with my energetic bean.

 To counteract the whiteness around me, I've been watching Chef's Table on Netflix.  Now I am not a foodie but I have really enjoyed the eye-food that the great chefs provide.  Especially, I found Grant Achatz's work amazing.  So creative and fun and colourful.

Our son was in Barcelona recently and went to see the Gaudi park.  Now that is also a blast for the senses.  He described it as a scene from Dr. Seuss. Give it a google and you will see how fantastic it is.

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