Monday, March 27, 2017

Sweet Potato Vine

I noticed that a sweet potato that I bought a couple of weeks ago had sprouted so I decided to let it sprout so that I can use it as a viney accent to a planter this summer.  I've never done this before but hopefully it will work.  I cut the sweet potato in half because it is pretty large. I turned a small yogurt container upside down in the cup to keep the potato raised up and put enough water in the cup that the bottom inch or so of the tuber is covered. The leaves will likely be a nice bright green, although some varieties are more purpley. If I had full all-day sun in the garden, it would probably produce some new sweet potato tubers but I am only expecting some nice foliage.

I am starting another blog called My Morning Moment. I am hoping to do a short daily post based on a passage of the Bible.  The posts will look at a particular theme over a period of time and then go on to another topic.  The first theme is fear. I'm just jumping in where I am at and hopefully some people will feel they can connect there as well. It's at

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  1. We tried growing sweet potatoes but it is too cold here. I think you will get some nice greenery though. Curious to see what happens please follow up photo for me!