Tuesday, May 10, 2016

By The Marsh

 You would think that a wetland would have lots of Canada geese.  Apparently not, as I only saw this one lonely goose on the water, and two flew overhead.  We see many more in the farmers' fields.

Here's a pretty patch of wild violets in a damp part of the woods beside the marsh.

 This tamarack tree was riddled with woodpecker holes.

In a clearing in the woods, I saw a large patch (50' x100') of red trilliums. I was quite surprised as usually the red trilliums are just dotted around patches of white trilliums.

This picture is very blurry as I was quite far away, but it sure looks to me like a bald eagle is sitting in the tree on the right. Although they are becoming more common in our area, it is the first one that I have ever seen.  I believe the bird on the platform is an osprey. This picture is near Lancaster at Coopers Marsh.

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