Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Arm Twisting

For the past several months, Microsoft has been trying to get me to install Windows 10. I was happy with my Windows 7 so I declined.  This morning, however, Microsoft decided that the time had come and, without any consent from me (the choice was now or soon), installed Windows 10 as an "update". Ha! I am feeling resentful. I feel bullied. Never mind that now it's more complicated to upload my photos and label them, and I can't play the Hearts card game on the computer anymore.
 For a moment this morning, I thought I had also lost the Word Starter word processing, but that is still there. Every time I go to the Internet, I get a window asking if I want Firefox as my default.  Yes, I do. I'm sent to a default page where  the only search option is some Microsoft thing .  So now instead of one click to open the browser, I have to repeatedly go through this nonsense.  My husband just got an Apple computer.  He really likes it.  Maybe next time, that's what I'll get.
 On a happier note, the lilac is very beautiful and very fragrant this year.  We have had hot, still days which are perfect for smelling the flowers especially in the evening. The apple tree also bloomed well and was full of happy pollinators. If the squirrels don't chew them all, we may get some apples later.

 The bumblebees are going crazy over the pulmonaria.  Good thing they're friendly because there are lots of them buzzing around.

 A hummingbird whizzed by this morning and stopped at the pulmonaria and the magenta silver dollar.  Hopefully, she will be back.
The robins have hatched and I hear them chirping as the parents bring them food.  They are nice and safe in the horse shed.


  1. The SAME thing happened to me this morning. It's almost the same as before. You're right, you have to get used to how the pictures download from your camera. And I linked Chrome to it (there was a video to show you how and it was easy) and now it's one click to open things from my mail to website. Otherwise, it seems okay...but I agree. I was avoiding it too and I guess you and I didn't have a choice. Grrrr.

  2. And to me last week! And it managed to lose all my documents and photos. Luckily they were mostly backed up to the cloud, but not all, so very very upset, especially the photos as they are so precious to me. Sad day and what bullies they are.