Monday, May 9, 2016


The other day, we went to Coopers' Marsh about half an hour away from home on the shore of the St. Lawrence River.  In the distance are the Adirondack mountains in New York state.  They look near, but they are about a two hour drive away.
Not much was happening in the marsh except for lots of frogs croaking, but it was a pleasant day, and out on the boardwalk a fresh breeze was blowing.
We noticed that the boardwalk had some wiggles to it.
As we continued in our walk, the boardwalk became more curvy.
 And near the end, it was downright wacky.  What were the volunteers drinking when they built this?
However, the wiggles are definitely more interesting than a smooth curve.

The boardwalk was very firm to walk on thanks to a substantial underpinning of large cedar logs.
I did notice a few interesting things during our walk that I'll post next time.

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