Thursday, May 19, 2016

Along the 401

 We spent a few days visiting our kids who all happen to be living near the 401, albeit in different cities and towns. Little Jaws came with us and quite enjoyed the excitement of riding in the truck, and checking out different service areas. Of course, he also liked getting to see his favourite people.
Although we haven't had much rain, the grass was a lush green.
Most of the cars are sedate, dull colours so this cute little green car stood out.  It goes well with the scenery.
 I find it so interesting to see the rock formations where cuts were made through a hill. You pass quite a few around Kingston, but I kept missing the shot as we zipped along.
An old farm house is nestled among trees.

The clouds started to break up as we neared Oshawa, and made some striking formations.
 As the trees are just starting to leaf out, quite a bit of yellow and orange tints the landscape.

Coming home a few days later, the sky was clear.  Some of the views along the way are quite expansive.

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