Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Last Flowers

Up until the couple of hard frosts we had last week, the dragon wing begonia was still blooming really nicely.

 The red salvia had slowed down a bit but still was a nice bright red.

 The toad lily flowers are only about an inch across but I like the crazy spots.  Although a perennial, the plant freezes easily so many of the buds don't get a chance to open. It's a very late bloomer.

 The lemon dinner plate dahlia just kept making flowers.  The only down side is that the stems weren't strong enough to hold the flowers up. Cheery colour.

 One lonely flower opened on Japanese anemone.  I moved it and hopefully I will get more blooms next year.
 This phlox has been blooming for weeks and even after the frost, it is still OK.  Oddly, earlier in the summer it didn't show any white center.

 I let some of the broccoli flower because the bees appreciate the late blooms.  And anyway, I like the buttery yellow flowers.
 The cardinal flower is still blooming, and, although the frost gave it a bit of a shock, it wasn't totally frozen and still has some blooms on it.  I really hope they make it through the winter.

 The hardy cyclamen was not very robust this year.  I guess I need to top dress it with some compost.
But even with few flowers, the leaves are really attractive.  We had a very dry September, and I probably should have watered it instead of letting it fend for itself. 
So that's about it for the flowers for this year.  I think I have one lonely pansy flower out there today and a few sparse buds on the purple salvia.


  1. You have a wonderful garden Jenny. I will revisit this page many times over the next several months. These posts DO matter. Thank you.

  2. A lovely selection of flowers for late summer. I have one of those "dinner plate" dahlias which has the same problem; it's just about OK till the blooms get a little rain on them, then the extra weight causes them to collapse.