Thursday, October 15, 2015

October Colour

 A few shots of the colour before the wind blows all the leaves down. We had beautiful sunny and warm weather over the weekend which was perfect for all the travellers and visitors on the move for Thanksgiving.

This weekend is going to be very chilly.  Time to find the winter gloves and put the snowblower on the tractor.  Not that the snow will arrive soon, but it just feels better to be ready. The starlings are gathering in huge flocks ready to fly south.  The geese will soon be honking overhead.


  1. Yes. Snow predicted over Saturday night here but in the mountains closer to you. 20's anyway. Nice selection f o r October colour. Love these fresh apples.

  2. You've captured some beautiful autumn colours there. Being ready for snow? That's a very novel idea for an Englishman; we prefer to ignore the possibility till it's too late.