Monday, October 26, 2015

Apologies to the Sedum

My apologies to the sedum that I neglected to include in the late bloomers.  This Frosty Morn sedum is still fresh and pink even after our -5 C frosts.  Originally this plant had some white variegation on the leaves, but over the years it has reverted to all green. The flowers are still pretty and, although the plant is not as vigorous nor does it form as large clump as Autumn Joy, it is  one very tough plant.

The reddish  Autumn Joy flowers are fading, but they still add colour to the garden.

The sedums are a good source of pollen for many insects in the late summer and fall.  They are super easy to propagate - just break off a piece of the stem and stick it in the ground.  Next year, it will leaf out nicely and bloom.


  1. I love these. The sedum is the only plant still blooming out front...or at least it was before the past two mornings of frost. I love the top photo.

  2. Sedums are essential in the garden for autumn colour.
    I also like to use them for flower decorations, yes they are great plants.