Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Fallen Leaves

The leaves are all off the trees and today has been rainy and windy.  Soon all the leaves will just be brown.

The bright green leaves of coltsfoot contrast nicely with the reddy-orange maple leaves.

Not a fallen leaf, this is a leaf of a heucherella (cross between a tiarella and heuchera), Solar Eclipse. It holds up well in the cool fall weather.

This evening primrose plant has lovely lemony yellow flowers in June, and then turns into a kaleidoscope of colour in the fall.

I just found this collection of leaves on the dead daylily leaves restful to look at.

A red leaf pointing to...maybe the snow to come.

These leaves almost look springlike with their pastel colours.

Raking the lawn, I got distracted with some of the patterns made by the fallen lilac leaves. I did go back to raking, and it's almost done now.

Not a leaf, but this ladybug looks like she's falling.  Actually she is securely poised on a hairy mullen leaf.


  1. I love the colours of fall. Nice photos!

  2. Lovely little cameos of autumn. Easy to get distracted when raking up leaves, isn't it?

  3. The colors and variety are interesting. Great post.

  4. I like te variety of leaves and colour in this post, thank you for sharing it.