Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's See That Again...

I was looking at a container on the deck that has some petunias in it, and spotted this unusual blossom. On closer inspection, I realized that a leaf-cutting bee had symmetrically taken circles out of the flower . Never seen that before.

 This is one phlox plant which was originally all bi-colour.  Now some of the stalks bear all pink flowers.  I kind of like it that way - coordinating colours but different designs.

This magenta phlox looks like it's wearing a fascinator hat.  How very British!  But in reality, the white plant is just poking through the magenta one.
The garden is always full of surprises.


  1. An artistic bee, whatever next?
    (I'm very British but have never worn a fascinator!)

  2. The magenta plox I got from you years ago is lovely. And my dark pink phlox does what your striped one does -- every once and a while, it produces larger blooms that are light pink. Kinda nice.

  3. I love the photo of the phlox "wearing" a fascinator! ;)