Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Summer Fields

 I've been wanting to take a photo of this field of sunflowers, hoping to find a time when they would be facing the camera.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  Even on a sunny afternoon, they were still facing east not west.  Not many of the farmers grow sunflowers as they are a difficult crop prone to bugs and disease, so it's a treat to see a field of them.

I think it's been a good year for hay.

Corn is in the background, and soybeans in the foreground.  Those plants have been going gang busters all summer.  It should be an excellent crop especially since August is turning out to be hot.  We aren't farmers, but it's always a good feeling to see them have a successful year.


  1. The field of sunflowers is pretty even if the flowers are not facing the camera. I know of a field near me that I want to photograph. I wonder if I will have the same problem.

  2. They are such cheerful flowers, aren't they? I wish we had some nearby instead of the horrible bright yellow rape flowers we are deluged with every spring. Rape is a very popular crop in this part of the world and is totally out of tune with the English landscrape.