Monday, June 15, 2015

Dependable June Flowers

 Blanc Double de Coubert rugosa rose is super tough and has a clean fresh fragrance.  Its form is a little rough around the edges, but the flowers are lovely.
 This blossom has just the faintest tinge of pink, but as it opens it will be pure white. The little crab spider is hoping to catch some bugs that might nibble on the rose.

 The old-fashioned bearded iris are very dependable if you give them  sun and keep the tubers above ground level. Some of the fancier new varieties are fussier.

Blue Siberian irises are one of the easiest plants to grow.  Mine are in a moist location with quite a bit of sun, but my mother has a patch in sandy soil with partial shade and the iris still bloom every year. A clump will last for years and years. And the deep purple is so pretty.  I planted a couple of pink ones this spring, so I'll see if they will bloom next year.

 A wild mullein has popped up around the hostas. I like the fuzzy leaves of the mullein and will let it bloom before pulling it out.  Hostas are real workhorses of the shade garden and although some people has trouble with slugs chewing them, I've never had more than the odd hole. Hostas come in a multitude of variations of green, yellow, white and blue-green. Some grow very big (I have a couple of clumps that are 3' x 4'), but some are very petite.

 Perennial geraniums will form a loose mound and bloom sporadically for many weeks.  In the fall, the leaves often take on an attractive reddish tone. Nothing seems to  chew on them.

 This pink Knock-Out rose has a very tidy habit , lots of blooms and good disease resistance.  Unfortunately, no scent.

The wild daisies are blooming next to the container of beans.  They always look so cheerful  that I let them grow up wherever they want.  Easy enough to cut the plants back after they finish blooming.


  1. I love the wild daisies and they are so good for the birds and the bees too! The roses are stunning the I find the hardy geraniums are such good value and pretty as well. Lovely June garden!

  2. June certainly is a beautiful month for flowers!