Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Luna Hiding in the Tomatoes

 The other day, I was weeding a bit around the tomatoes when I noticed a luna moth upside down on a leaf. Interesting place to rest during the day.
The next morning, he was on the deck.  His wings are partly closed so you can't see his second set of eyes very well.  You can tell it's a "he" because the antenna are very bushy.
This is a little Hobomok butterfly with its wings closed.  I have an earlier post a with a picture of a Hobomok butterfly with its wings open.


  1. Isn't a luna moth good luck? Sure hope so. I hadn't seen one for years and last year, saw one on the garage. Love them. So neat.

  2. I have never been so lucky to find a luna moth. WOW!