Friday, April 24, 2015

Rocky River

This picturesque little river is about half a mile from my parents' home, and in the summer, when it wasn't so full, we would sometimes walk upstream carefully stepping from rock to rock,  or simply sit on a rock (the one middle left in photo was a good one)  and enjoy the sound of the water.
I don't know why this upload has no picture but it does play!
About thirty years ago, a ski hill was started nearby . The land by the river became valuable, and houses were built   so now the river banks are all private property.  The photos were taken from a bridge on a public road.

This is on the other side of the bridge.  Just out of sight is  a quiet (at least in the summer)shallow pond with a gravelly bottom with some big flat stones on the shore.  Great place for a picnic.
This video taken with my tablet gives a more gurgley sound to the water, although in actual fact the constant rushing sound is what you really hear when you are there.  This sound track would be more in keeping with a slower flow later in the season.


  1. All the videos show as "Private Video" on my computer. You probably need to adjust your YouTube settings. From the still photo it looks as though we're missing out!

    1. Thanks for the input. A techie I am not! I changed the setting to public.