Monday, April 6, 2015

Museum of Nature - Rocks

 One of the things that I find fascinating about rocks and minerals is that so many of them look so dull and boring on the outside, but when they are split open they  have wonderful colours and shapes. 
 This is a meteor about 2 and a half feet wide.  It came all the way from - well, who knows where...

The patterning on this rock is reminiscent of an abstract painting  or an aerial view of a town.

The quality of the photos is poor.  I found it difficult with the glass, lighting, and sparkles to get good pictures, but you can still get an idea of the diversity of the rocks.
 I haven't labelled the rocks as I was only interested in them as natural pieces of art.  I particularly like the bright green sprinkles in this one.

The white rock in the middle had very fine spikes all over, but they got bleached out.  I like the large agate on the right side with its lovely contours.

 Again the whites are bleached out but you can still see the different shapes presented here.

 No, that is not your kid's playdough mushed together.

 The left one would make great paving stones. The spiky middle one in the foreground looks to me like an upright bunny facing left.
 Soft and bubbly on the left, cool and minty upper right, and  a patch of snow lower right.

 This is not an etching - this is an original rock painting done by a rock.  And the one on the right is not a child's glue project.

 Too bright for the camera, but vibrant red crystals are  poking out of a grey rock. In the back, tropical sea blue inside  a dull brown rock.
 Very fuzzy pic, but I really like the dramatic markings.

 Great chunks of colour.

 A crystal angel flying above a blue fountain.

 Just like a piece of modern military sculpture.

A gently nestled delicate aqua crystal in a shimmery silver setting.

A pouff of brilliant white.

And finally shades of blue, purple and brassy coins.

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  1. I've never seen a meteor before! It's so hard to imagine that it actually came from outer space. :)