Thursday, April 23, 2015


 Glory-of-the-snow (chionodoxa) is perhaps not as well known a spring bulb as crocuses, but it has been a very dependable bulb in my garden.  
After a cold February, a chilly March and a cool April, they have still opened up nicely.

 The pulmonaria is making a valiant effort to get going, but it would like a little more sun and warmth.

The scillas are a lovely blue even if some are still closed.

 This patch is doing its best to open up.

 Wind-blown and wrapping their petals around themselves, these crocuses will probably just call it quits when the sun does come out.
I think the chipmunks have been raiding the bulbs as I seem to have fewer crocuses and tulips.  Oh well, I guess they were hungry.

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  1. You gave me some scilla seeds or bulbs and I thought they had all died until today I noticed that some of they have actually taken and are blue. So...thanks! And happy spring.