Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Car and The Horse

The Car and The Horse

One day, Jack and Jill were having a coffee together.

"I went for a drive in the mountains yesterday," said Jill.

"A drive? You mean in a car? You put straps over your body and buckled them up so you can't even move?  Your doors were locked like you were in a cage? In a car that can only drive on one side of the road, and has to stop at signs and red lights? How confining!
I have a much better idea."

Jack took a small car out of his pocket, and rolled it back and forth on the table.

"This way," he said "I can make the car go wherever I want, anyway I want.  I don't ever have to stop unless I want to.  And see how clean and shiny it is?  This, my friend, is how to use a car."

"Well, yes," said Jill, thinking of the muddy splatters on her car and the squeaky brakes," but I can go to interesting places in my car."

"I go places, too," said Jack defensively.
He swooped his car in the air and spun it around on landing.
"Can your car do that?" he demanded triumphantly.

"I went to the mountains so I could ride a horse," continued Jill.

"A horse? But they bite and they kick and stomp on your feet.  They buck and they rear and throw you to the ground.  Not even to mention the smell!  Really, Jill, the way to know a horse is to look in a book.  Here I have one."  Jack searched in his bag and pulled out a book.  "On page number 9, a nice bay horse.  Anytime I want a horse, I turn to page number 9.  No fuss, no bother, no broken bones."

Jill wiggled her right foot.  It was a little sore from being stepped on, but she remembered the whinny that Lightning had greeted her with, and his fragrant hay breath.  She thought of the gallop over the fields, thundering hooves, and both of them breathless after the fun.  She had to admit there had been a buck or two, and a few dodgy moments when she feared for her bones. Still...
She glanced at the horse on page number 9 and shook her head.

Jack smiled back at her grandly and drove his car in a fancy manoeuver, and clicked at the bay, the tamest, safest horse in the world.

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