Tuesday, December 2, 2014

And So It Goes

 This is a picture of the corner store and post office in the village near our home.  At the end of the month, it is closing and will be replaced with

these outdoor mailboxes.  Kind of sad.
When we moved to the area about 30 years ago, the village had several businesses as well as being a stop on the main railway line between Montreal and Ottawa. Back then, a person could do most of their day to day affairs right in the village as there were two small groceries stores (one had a butcher, one had basic hardware), a clothing store with essentials like rubber boots and warm socks, two garages that sold gas and did repairs, and a bank.  All these businesses have closed except for the post office and a small restaurant which will close soon, too. Just up the road a little, was a French elementary school.  The school closed two years ago as enrollment had dropped to 12 students.  During the summer months, baseball and soccer leagues used to be played at the local field.
Now, it seems the village is just full of old people. No urban sprawl in this neck of the woods.
It is a case of no jobs, and the young people needing to move to the city to find work. I know it's not just happening here.  It's happening in most of rural Canada.  Still I find it sad, the hollowing out of rural villages.


  1. It is sad Jenny and I am sorry it is happening to your village. I know there are a lot of villages in England where the same thing is happening. Over here in Australia, there are country towns that are all but deserted. I wish something could be done but it seems not.

  2. Yes, very sad. We used to go to our local post office for mail but now we have those community mailboxes. It's so impersonal!

  3. Oh it is lovely to see your little town, and such a pity that they seem to be dissapearing. We live in a little town too, here in tropical Australia. The locals are fighting so hard to keep it small, since it is touristy. the latest is that we have a fast food pizza joint moving in. Just a downhill spiral from here they say :) I suppose it is a fine line.