Monday, December 1, 2014

Fun with Kale

 December 1st, and I still have some produce from the garden. How cool is that?

Finally after years of gardening, I planted kale this spring, and I have been really happy with how easy it has been to grow.  It is very insect resistant and has survived several hard frosts.

Kale is, of course, very nutritious having good amounts of vitamins A , C and K as well as calcium and other nutrients that are healthful.

Kale can be eaten raw, but cooking will mellow its taste.  I usually just saute it with some onions.  Lemon also goes well with it. 

Next year, I think I will also try some of the colourful ornamental kale which is edible as well as attractive to look at.

Kale will grow best in full sun, but mine was in part-shade and managed anyway.
If you start it indoors in early spring, you will be harvesting kale for several months.


  1. I've been thinking about growing kale and now you've convinced me. I finally started eating kale this year and next the garden!

  2. Not sure if it's the same kale as is grown in the fields around here as cattle feed. If so then I've had lots of "fun" with kale, cutting trailer loads of the stuff by hand on cold frosty mornings - one aspect of farm work that I certainly don't miss!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful crop! I wish my husband could eat it but, sadly, it interferes with his medication.