Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Snow and Ice

 An icicle looking like translucent wood.

 Or perhaps like some crystalline rock.

 The lilac looking like a frothy skirt.

Ropes of polyester stuffing.

Whipped cream topping.

In 1977, the temperature for today was -28C.  Two years later, the temperature for this date was 16C.
That's a difference of 44 degrees C.  No wonder we're always checking the weather forecast. 


  1. Some wonderfully artistic shots; I particularly like the icicles.

  2. I really like the icicle shots! Well done!

  3. Golly - your garden is definitely different to mine at this time of year! I love those snowy and icy photos - they cool me down a little in this heat.

  4. This can be such a difficult time of the year, with all the snow and ice. But it can also be quite beautiful, as your wonderful photographs show.