Monday, August 25, 2014

Young Robin

 When I had my horse, Pepper, out for a little walk this morning, I saw a young robin on the side of the road.  He seemed unsure of himself and didn't fly or run away when a car drove by.  When he spied Pepper and me, he started walking towards us and came within about 6' of us.  We were heading the other way so we lost sight of him, but when we got back the bird was on the driveway.

I put Pepper away and went to get my camera.  The robin was still around and allowed me to get quite close to him.

Maybe this was his first day out as he didn't seem very keen to fly.  A few bugs should strengthen him up and he'll likely be in the treetops tonight.  Fun to be able to get so close to him.


  1. He's so cute, I hope he can fly soon, he looks so vulnerable on the ground.

  2. Sweet and pretty birdie. Nice that you were able to capture him Jenny. Do you have a post about Pepper? I would love to see that.