Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dogs and Other Beasties

 Watching the K-9 Agility Club demonstration is always lots of fun. The Border collies and Australian Shepherds usually ace the course, flying over the jumps, quickly wiggling through the twining poles and scooting through the tunnels.  And they do it with very little input from their trainers.

 Some of the other dogs are, well...  This Lab was having a grand old time sailing around the area, grinning at the spectators.  Focusing on the course was a little more challenging.  "Jump?"

 "Tunnel? Where?  Oh, THAT tunnel."  While the dog wasn't very interested in the tunnel, a toddler on the sidelines was crying because his grandma wouldn't let him scoot through the tunnel himself. That's life.

 An oxen from Upper Canada Village which is a historical recreation of a Victorian town.  One of the interpreters from the Village had a team hitched up and wandered the fair grounds talking to people about Victorian agriculture.

 A goat with very unusual markings at the ever popular petting zoo.

 A pretty Zebu (African) cow also part of the petting zoo.

 This is a Newfoundland pony, a heritage breed that is almost extinct , that was used as an all-purpose pony in Newfoundland in pioneer days. They are a mix of European ponies and were bred to be sturdy and good-natured.  What a beautiful head and expressive eye.

 Here are the back feet of a Clydesdale, who was also in the Heritage tent. I couldn't get a good photo of the whole horse as the lighting was terrible in the shady tent, and the bars of the stall were most distracting.  But the shaggy feet are wonderful on their own.

Finally a giant Berkshire pig weighing about 220 kg.  That's a lot of pig!

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