Sunday, August 31, 2014

Annuals -Still Strong in August

 Nicotiana is not an annual that I usually buy, but I got some when the prices were reduced at the end of June and they have done really well.  Even with the cool rainy conditions, they have resisted slug and mold damage.  And they are blooming well in a part-shade location.  Definitely will buy more next year.
 The red ones are very vibrant.

 The fibrous begonias are so dependable and bloom continuously all summer long.  The phlox just happened to be a pretty good match colour wise.

 I wondered how the ageratum would hold up.  All those fuzzy flowers would surely hold the moisture and the plant would die of rot, but that didn't happen at all.  As you can see, they are happily sprouting new blooms and the leaves are still green and healthy.

 The torenia in this basket has grown many times its initial size over the summer.  It looks a little battered in this photo as it was recently rained on, but overall it has been great.  The bumblebees really like it too.
This is an heirloom zinnia, haageneana "Chippendale" that I planted from seed that I got from Thomson and Morgan.  I find zinnias are quite susceptible to rust and other illnesses but these have been really resilient. Nice bold colour, too.
My petunias were munched on by slugs and the last ones standing are now succumbing to wilt.
The cosmos were great until about two weeks ago and then they also were a right-off.  They were pretty while they lasted though, and I'll probably plant them again next year.  If the summer had been sunnier, I'm sure they would still be blooming well.

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  1. I always have nicotiana in my garden as my mom grew it for years and it reminds me of her. She always grew it on the north side of the house in almost full shade, it was also a low area and often quite wet and it always did well.
    My flower bed is also on the north side, but definitely not as wet, though we've had lots of rain this summer and they've done very well. I love the red and hot pink, but I also love the green/white ones as they almost glow in the dark.
    I've never tried the begonia, maybe next year. My ageratum didn't hold out at all. I had them in containers and perhaps they were over shadowed by others plants.
    I've decided no more petunias, because although hearty, I've the same issue with wilt. I just have to remember this next spring. :)
    Thanks for sharing your photos!