Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring is Coming! and Hockey Gold.

 I like to bring in a few forsythia branches and force them in water just so I can have some fresh green around, and a few yellow blooms.
Remarkable how well branches leaf out, without fertilizer or roots.

When I went to pick up a parcel at the local post office, which is a little depanneur (corner store), the women's Olympic gold medal hockey game was into overtime. Earlier in the afternoon, I had heard that the US team was ahead 2-0 so I had written off our chances for a win. The owner of the PO had her TV on French CBC and was totally engrossed in the game -encouraging, chastising, cheering, sighing.  I told her that last I heard the US was winning, and without taking her eyes off the TV, she filled me in on the exciting tying goal our team made in the third period with less than a minute to go. Another customer and I joined in watching the game.  What else could we do? The owner was not going to miss this crucial overtime period of the game.  When the whistle blew for an off-side and the game paused, she quickly got my parcel and settled back to watch again.  I left before our winning goal, but I can just imagine her explosive cheer when it happened. Yeah, Canada!

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  1. Over here everyone suddenly becomes a fan of curling for a couple of weeks. Then we hear nothing about it for another four years! Yesterday it really felt as if spring was on its way - it fooled me long enough to get me soaked through!