Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Exhibition Road

 I was thinking about Exhibition Road, and remembered that I had some pictures of it that I hadn't posted.  Our goal that day was the Natural History Museum, but when we got there the line was very, very long so instead we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum across the street. The V & A proved to be a very interesting museum so we were glad we went to it.

 If you cut across Hyde Park through the middle from north to south, you end up at the top end of Exhibition Road. In 2003, the roadway was redesigned and it is really quite stunning.  The sidewalks were removed and a pattern of black and very pale pink granite was put down instead of pavement. My pictures in no way do justice to the wonderful effect of this spacious promenade.  Slow traffic is allowed down the middle of the road, but it was designed primarily with the enjoyment of the pedestrian in mind.

Decorated columns on the pillars of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

 Such intricate designs.

Another view down the road.  The dark line is a gutter which separates the traffic area from the pedestrian area.

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