Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back to Winter

 Well, we never left it, of course, but the blog took a mini break from winter scenes.

 Last night, we got another 6" of snow. I'm thankful that we're getting enough moisture this winter especially after reading about the drought conditions in California and Australia.  Temperatures are just below freezing so it's pleasant to be outside.

 The evergreens are all dressed up in their snowy icing.

Happy green cedar branches waving at the passersby.

 The snowbanks are getting higher and higher.  In this spot, they are about 3' high.  One of the joys of snowbanks is that if you slide off the road in your car they are like giant bumper pads. You're not likely to get hurt running into one of them - just stuck.

Abstract snow sculpture in the snowbank.

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