Thursday, February 6, 2014

Orchid- Take 2

 The orchid that I posted about in early November is still in full bloom.  I am surprised at how well it is doing as it is smack up against a window and has been subjected to some pretty cold temperatures. The roots on the window side look a little sorry, but everything else seems great.
 I have diligently been watering it 1/4 cup of bottled water every week.  Our tap water is much too hard for orchids. No fertilizer for the winter, but I will start with a weak solution now that the days are getting longer.

 Suddenly it is putting out these amazing aerial roots that grow away from the light.  I'm going to fill my spray bottle with plain water so that I can mist them daily.
At all the nodes, healthy shoots are showing so I should get plenty of blooming stalks when the current blooms have finished. A cut just above the node will stimulate the shoot to really start growing.

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  1. My mother likes to have an orchid or two in her house and although she doesn't seem to take much care of them they seem to thrive as long as the location is right. The middle of the coffee-table suits them best - maybe they just like to be the centre of attention!